Senem Diyici
Official site web of Senem Diyici with pictures of paintings, extracts of the albums, and extracts of the DVD.

Buda Musique
Internet site of the French producer of the 3 last album of Senem Diyici. Its Gilles Fruchaux who’s animating this independent label : one of the oldest French producer, in 30 years he constitutes a fantastic catalogue of every kind of music all around the world.

Les Studios de la Buissonne
Internet site of one of the best European Studio, where has been recorded almost all of the Senem Diyici’s album.

Site web of the label Musea, reference of alternatives European music. All the progressive rock since the seventies and the most important artists of this movement.

Kalan Muzik
Turkish site of Kalan Muzik, one of Senem’s producer, set in Turkey. This label is devoted to two sorts of music, new aged trendy music and on the other hand, is specialized in editing classical ottoman and traditional music.

Site of the research institute, and acoustic music coordination, who develops, among other things, the music writing software Open Music.

Ada Muzik
Another Senem’s Turkish producer, equally Okay Temiz’s producer

Ata Turquie
For the Turkish lovers, this association (Nancy) also works with the Turkish community of France. A page dedicated to Senem Diyici.

Centre Régional du Jazz en Bourgogne
Animated by Roger Fontanel, the CRJ has become in a few years the inescapable partner of the improvised music in Burgundy.

Words of Music Publications
Sit web of the new editor of Alain Blesing, he’s also producing the DVD of the Quartet of Senem Diyici.

Equator Productions
This Dutch site, of the Surinamer Paul Middelijn, with who Senem Diyici and Alain Blesing had worked between 1998 and 2001 : extract MP3 of the Quartet.